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Why is storytelling so important?

People want stories. And not just any story... here is what i learned at a sxsw session last week...

Lyn Graft, the author of "Start with Story" bought 100 random items in thrift stores for a total of $ 120. He asked some amazing poets and authors to write a story for the products with a stylistic range from romantic, action, drama to humor... Then he auctioned the items on eBay... used salt shaker was posted for $1 with photo and no text, and the other one very was posted with a photo and a story. Items with story sold 5-20 times better and Lyn made a few thousands $$$ extra (but that was not the point...).

I especially liked the charming salt shaker who was on a long-winded search for his partner, the pepper shaker. Even without remembering the details of this story, I see the couple falling in love in a stop-motion animated kind of way.

Videos, movies, short films are a great way to tell stories. Questions is what are you going to tell, is the message clear and to the core, does it feel authentic and true, is it extraordinary, unusual, worth telling? Is it new, is it something old with a new perspective, and why should I listen? I do not want to be just sold another product or service, and I think most people are with me on that and we are done being sold to.

Let me know, how we can help you formulate your idea into a video story that is worth watching. I will consult with you and lead you through the production process in an intro phone call. When you feel ready, we will create something amazing together.

So here you have it...

Ciao for now:)


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