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AI Workshops

Learn new AI tools to boost your creativity!

“How can AI supercharge our creativity? Which tools are useful for designers and self-proclaimed non-creatives alike?

Join us for an exciting online event where we explore the world of AI text-to-image and vide technology! Discover how you can generate photo-realistic images from text prompts. Discover Manga styles, retro styles or create seamless patterns.


You can use AI to design products, fashion, websites, logos, banners, posters, and more. Learn how these easy-to-use, affordable AI tools empower your creativity.



AI Salons

Distinguish Facts from Fiction -

Information and Discussions on AI legal & ethics

“How can AI improve our lives?” Since AI exploded in 2022, with tools being released almost daily, many industries including design, are changing profoundly and rapidly. This transformation is exciting, but also overwhelming. In the midst of widespread misinformation, uncertainty, and fear about AI, we are organizing a public AI salon. This event will provide an open platform for discussing ethical concerns, clarifying issues, and exchanging ideas about practical AI tools. Our aim is to distinguish facts from fiction, share knowledge, experience and connect with the community.


"Pierrot in the Moonlight"

Marketing videos and event projection

A journey into madness. A descent into the depths of expressionism through the quintessential masterwork of the era - Schoenberg’s PIERROT LUNAIRE in a completely new production. 


Walk in the footsteps of Pierrot - sad clown of the Commedia dell'arte, reimagined from Albert Giraud and realised by Arnold Schoenberg first in 1912 in Berlin. The proto-Dadaist and pre-Surrealist melodrama that changed music forever.

Project: Event Design




21 classes with videos and samples 

Establish a juicy, creative habit that leads to greater fulfillment, calm and focus.

Based on latest research, these concepts and hands-on exercises are scientifically proven to generate more creative flow,.

These tools and techniques can be practically used when working on projects, pitches and proposals. Or they can lead to a new hobby, passion or side hustle. It's a collection of ideas, inspirations and fun exercises to become more creative, present and free of self-judgement. They also connect you to a more conscious state of mind, more awareness on breath and feelings.



It takes a village

New ways of living/working together

a series of 3-5 min live action interviews 


There are huge benefits of co-working/living such as overcoming loneliness, depression and addiction. We examine unusual living /working places that progressively lead the way for us to imagine a sustainable, pro earth/pro human future.

· support systems in co-living spaces. 

· cool co-working spaces featuring modern and unique architecture SBCAST

· social networking places, such as the “factory” in Berlin, a very cool space, which is designed to meet freelancers, creative collaborators and clients

· countryside off-the-grit-living


Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 3.25.54 PM.png


A series of 12 x 1 minute animated videos


Each animation in this series describes a word that does not exist in English.  "The Feels" is animated for Soulpancake, a media company whose mission is to spread positive news.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.01.09


2-4 minutes, narrated, 12 animated videos - unknown facts about powerful women

The goal is to shine light on women, that have not been given deserved attention for their contribution to society, science, community building or economy.


Often women have worked in the shadow of men and now is the time to uncover some of their hidden accomplishments.


Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.27.29


An ongoing video series created for the international news station DW in based in Berlin, Germany.

The designs and animations have been developed based on the TV Station's branding guidelines and published between 2017 and 2018 on social media. Here are some samples!

The topics are timely, but have a longer shelf-life than regular news. Each video explains a fact with 2-3 big data points, illustrate a new phenomenon or reveals a common misconception.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.42.43 PM.png


Coming up with characters is fun for the creator and fun to watch.  Here are short stories for LiveNation, the largest music/event organization in the USA.

These stories are promoting events at House of Blues and other venues. 



12 x 3 minute video series ( with interviews and animated graphics) for social media raising  awareness.


This new, positive societal conversation fosters the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of boys and men, so that humanity can thrive as a whole. The goal is to create inspirational messaging to educate/inspire boys and their primary mentors. We partner with influential companies/celebrities to help amplify the conversation. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.58.21 AM.png


12 x 4 minute mixed media videos with live action and animations, website and apps.

This is more than just a video series for kids ... we have created the set-up for website, apps, , interviews and more ... all about cities, countries and cultures.

Learning about other cultures today more important than ever. The world has become so complex that many are overwhelmed and feel insecure. People worry about migration, political and religious minorities and anything that is different.

"Meanwhile on Planet Earth"

the state of the planet and positive actions, a series of 12 x 1 minute videos


Environmental news of doom and gloom can leave one depressed and feeling helpless.


“Meanwhile on Planet Earth” will take a different approach to educate, inspire, and activate audiences of all ages, but

particularly young adults ages 18-35.

Told through the voice of a visiting alien (Ulrike) sent here to gather ideas

for how to save her own planet, we will tell inspirational stories about smart

solutions and exciting ideas, and share tips to make positive change.






inspiring role models over 80

a series of 3-5 min live action interviews 


·  a short format about people that thrive in old age

·  targeting a young audience 

·  intimate portraits interviews conducted by kids

, 3 -5 minute long, short edits, fun graphics


Old age is perceived negatively in US. We want to disrupt the stereotype by introducing vibrant role models. Goal is to create a hopeful perspective that would lead to more positive life decisions. 


Let’s ask the right questions and share positive stories about old age!





" Dance Saved my life"


A Zumba fitness teacher/guru, who had an immobilizing disease, healed herself with dance. Years ago, she could not even get dressed by herself or even brush her teeth without help and today she teaches daily classes with over 100 participants, - the biggest Zumba classe in the USA!

Empowering stories change your perspective on pain and disease.


​· Dance, music, animals and other “healing powers”. Each show is about a different individual telling and showing us what saved their life. 

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