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12 x 2 minute video series ( with photos and animated graphics) for social media 



Environmental news of doom and gloom can leave one depressed and

feeling helpless.


“Meanwhile on Planet Earth” will take a different approach to educate, inspire, and activate audiences of all ages, but particularly young adults ages 18-35.



Told through the voice of a visiting alien (Ulrike) sent here to gather ideas

for how to save her own planet, we will tell inspirational stories about smart

solutions and exciting ideas, and share tips to make positive change.


She is from out of this world. From her perspective, Earth and it’s

inhabitants are incredibly hopeful and inspiring. She is impressed with their

ability to solve big problems through both large and small efforts.

Humans’ creativity and collaboration is something she admires and praises

as she reports back to her mothership.


With a childlike spirit mixed with universal wisdom and high intelligence,

Ulrike’s verve and curiosity takes her all over the globe to observe

individuals, communities, and organizations who are making a positive



She observes, reports back, and then serves up tips and to do items for

how to make positive change. Not unlike Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix series) she stays positive and unfazed by nay-sayers.

Sample Episode

Part of our research shows that the environment recuperated in unexpected areas 


Ulrike discovers California coastal fishing

laws reduced the amount of fishing by 75%

10 years ago. The last years ocean wildlife has

recuperated so much that

the area between Santa Barbara, Ventura

and the Channel Islands could provide the

entire world population with protein.


Call to Action: Shop local fish markets

where fishing laws are balanced between

the interests of economy and ecology.


The video below is a sample video for the animation style:



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All Videos

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