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Lectures and Discussions on AI Ethics - Monthly Online Meetings

The AI salons offer an opportunity to be informed about legal and ethical AI questions. We invite experts to share up-to-date, relevant information and encourage an open discussion.

The AI salons are a great addition to AI workshops because questions always come up:


" Can publish AI art? Since AI art is not protected, what does an artist need to do to protect it? How do we protect our privacy? How do we protect ourselves from scams? How do we recognize fake news and distinguish it from real news? How do we protect our art from being scraped from the internet by MidJourney?"

"The AI Dilemma" Documentary by the Center of Humane Technology

50% of AI Researchers believe there is a
10% or greater chance that humans go extinct
from our ability to control AI.

From the Documentary "The AI Dilemma", Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin

There is a lot of fear, concern, and confusion about AI. We will present facts, not fiction. In each AI Salon, we will discuss a different topic so that you will have relevant, practical Takeaways.


Salon 1:  February 22,  Bias in Algorithms - Why is bias concerning and harmful?

Salon 2:  March 21, Copyright for artists and Scams with Deepfakes

Salon 3:  April 25, Manipulation on a grand scale, Scams & Fake News in the age of AI

Salon 4:  May 16, AI for artists - Copyright of AI-generated art, protection, and how two artists collaborated for an exhibition in a gallery. Guest: Nadine Friedel

Salon 5:  June 20, The Elephant in the Room - Fear about General AI

Salon 6:  July 25, Will Designers and Creatives loose their jobs?


Expand your knowledge, distinguish facts from fiction, discuss and connect with like-minded individuals. There is evidence to suggest that the ability for critical discussion and debate has declined in recent years, due to factors such as the rise of social media and echo chambers.

Don't miss this opportunity to critically discuss and extract the pros and cons of AI for yourself. 

Questions that we will discuss:

· What are AI ethical Issues? What is generative AI, and what is general AI?

· Pros and Cons of generative AI

· Can I publish AI generated art, what are the copyright issues?

· Can I protect my original art being drawn by AI platforms such as MidJourney?

· What are justified fears and what is fiction?

· What industries use generative AI and how?

Who is this for:

The Salon is designed for anyone curious about how AI affects our lives. The Salon holds significance for a broad group of creatives: producers, graphic designers, motion designers, architects, filmmakers, and anyone (who does not consider themselves creative) who wants to learn about the AI Pros and Cons.


Why do you care:

You want to be part of the discussion and know facts, not fiction, Pros and Cons.



You want to learn practical advice on protecting your privacy, what AI tools to avoid, how copyright issues can be resolved, etc. You’ll be equipped with a better understanding of AI and what and how creative industries are utilizing the technology, ways of working, and practical tips.



We will work with the platform Miro, please sign up for free beforehand. 

How to Join:

The Salons are always online google meets, however due to requests we will offer a few on location/hybrid. You will receive the link after signing up.

Workshop Schedule/Agenda:

  1. Check-in - 5 min
  2. Intro to the theme (lecture style) - 15 min
  3. ​Expert presentation - 15-20 min

  4. Discussion and reflection: AI ethics, Q&A - 15 min

Please make sure you join in time, participants will not be admitted after starting time.


"Artificial Intelligence is rife with contradictions. It is a powerful tool that is also surprisingly limited in terms of its current capabilities. And, while it has the potential to improve human existence, at the same time it threatens to deepen social divides and put millions of people out of work. "

AI Professor Stuart Russell


AI Salon Themes

Salon 1: Bias:

The lack of diversity in AI has been well documented. Low representation of women and black people in AI may lead to significant racial bias encoded within algorithms (Partnership on AI, 2023).


​Salon 2: Manipulation on a Grand Scale

AI's pervasive integration into daily life, from news and blogs to social media and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, raises concerns about what is true, what is real, and what is not - opening us up to manipulation. AI Tools enable users to deep-fake people's voices and images, draft fake bills and legal contracts, conduct scams, enhance bias, drive polarization, hack into computer systems, banks, and more. AI’s ability to manipulate and generate language, whether with words, images, or sounds, poses a significant, complex problem.

Having AI content on media platforms also means that there will be more fake news, scams, phony, non-consensual content, and spoofs, resulting in a loss of trust.

Fake news causes us to doubt, leading to a polarized society.

Salon 3: Privacy, Security

Privacy: A key challenge lies in the potential use of AI to infringe upon privacy. AI systems require vast amounts of personal data, and if this data falls into the wrong hands, it can be used for harmful purposes like identity theft or cyberbullying.

Salon 4: AI Topics for Artists

Is AI-generated Art protected?

What is the copyright situation?

How do artists protect their art from being scraped from the internet?


Salon 5: General AI -  the Elephant in the Room

If AI systems become more advanced, they could make decisions independently and behave in a way that is not in the interest of humans. General versus Generative AI, fiction and reality.


About Ulrike Kerber and Viva Design Academie 

With over 25 years of experience as a designer, creative director, and teacher in the arts and media industry in Los Angeles, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to consulting, teaching and mentoring. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with renowned brands such as Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment TV and BET (Black Entertainment Television). My designs are recognized with prestigious awards, including an Emmy nomination and BDA/Promax awards.


I hold an MA in Communication Design and finished my Digital Management (MA) studies at Hyper Island University in 2023. My research explores the intersection of creativity and Artificial Intelligence, pushing the boundaries of emerging technologies. At Hyper Island, I conduct workshops, leveraging my expertise in Design Thinking, Speculative Design, Motion Design, and experimental storytelling in Metaverse/Web3. I lead scientific research in the AI field, and my ebook, “ The AI Handbook for Designers,” is scheduled to be published in April 2024.


My recent appointment as an Industry Leader and board member at Hyper Island underscores my commitment to this evolving field. I teach Short Film/ Motion Design at the Berlin International University (BA program) and Design Management at the HMKW Berlin (MA Program) with classes in Design Thinking and Human-centered Design methodologies. I also worked as a professor for Visual Communications at SCAD, a top-ranking design school in the USA.


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