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My projects range from envisioning, researching, ideation, to more practical results such as  graphics, motion designs, branding and developing content that matters. I help clients to create a unique visual vocabulary and envision further opportunities with them.

Images created by AI - envisioned by Humans

AI is increasingly used for image creation.

Here is the debate: "Soon you won't need to be an artist to create a work, you won't need to be a musician to compose a melody, you won't even need to be a writer to write a book. You will only have to have the desire for new ideas, innovation and making the world a better place. Using these new technologies is fun, surprising and useful for problem solving. At this point the creator is still a human being.

Title: AI prompted images

Production: Viva Design

Project included: MidJourney, Adobe Creative Suite



I have created broadcast designs for many TV Stations all across the US. This latest project in 2022 was a promo series for ViaComCBS ( MTV, BET, Comedy Central, etc)  in New York.

For more Broadcast Design



This project started out simply as a presentation for Nasa with a video series about their Earth Pathfinder Projects ESSP. The goal was to communicate the variety of projects that Nasa is involved in to a general public. Since my first presentation for Nasa, I brought the project into Universities where students now work on environmental exhibits, print, videos, games, apps and more using Nasa data. 


Our mission is to communicate complex data to the  public, specifically to young audiences. Up to today I directed with around 100 design students on this NASA challenge. We craft stories that are sensitive and empathetic, compassionate, using non-opinionated, observational scientific data for storytelling. 

Some of these ideas are presented to Nasa directly.


HeymannBrandt is an agency specialized on Employer Branding. Their website needed an

update and I took this as an opportunity to create a re-brand. I altered their logo and designed a new visual system for their brand identity. The Re-brand with new color palette, updated images, better UX design and more powerful pitch decks communicate to a new audience sensitivity in 2022.

Client: HeymannBrandt

Project included: Brand questionnaire and creative brief, Presentation decks, Website designs, videos, brandstyleguide, monster character designs and animations

design and animations: Ulrike Kerber

pierrot priest copy.jpg


Using my skill as motion designer I like to create ambiances and spaces, where graphics can be seen on other surfaces than a flat screen. Especially after the pandemic, people are hungry to engage in personal experiences and on-location events,


Meeting people and going out is more special than ever. The present moment shines through as a non-recorded, not to be-missed moment in time. These direct experiences touch on a deeper level. 

Title: Pierrot in the Moonlight, opera by Schönberg

Location : Kühlhaus

Production: Collective 1783

Project included: Marketing materials, announcements, countdown, event projections, artist photography


Animated fashion and art pieces. Augmented reality is a great way to surprise and add background info to a still image. With the app art can be viewed with your phone as an animation or video. The way it works: I design a logo ( or you provide me with it) and I design an animation that goes with it.  With the AR app I assign at the animation to your design. When users view the shirt (with your logo or design on it) through the app, they are able to see, interact with, comment on it.

animations: Ulrike Kerber


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"WCF is not for everybody" states Santa Barbara's financial firm. In this video series we highlight what differentiates them from other more conventional investment firms. We explain the different kinds of financial products and services that WCF offers. The challenge was to find the right tone of voice and images that fit to the brand.

Title: WCF , financial product videos

Client: Robert Teneyck and WCF

videos series for Social Media/ Youtube

animations: Ulrike Kerber


There are plenty of open care-taker positions in the medical field and job agencies compete for applicants.

I worked on Employer Branding Campaigns at agency HeymannBrandt for various clients.


Soulpancake "THE FEELS"

Soulpancake's founder Rainn Wilson asked me to get in touch with his studio in Los Angeles and create videos with them. I was happy to design a series of videos that explain feelings that do not have an English word . "The Feels" published on YouTube and Facebook and had over 150K views. 

Title: "The Feels"

Client: Soulpancake/ Participant Media

Videos series of 12 videos for Social Media/ Youtube

Design and Animations: Ulrike Kerber

How to visually communicate Diversity in Algorythms

KIDD is in service for diversity in softwares and algorithms. I want to design characters to symbolize for diversity in an abstract way.

SBCAST thumb.jpg
take04.BIU NASA Presentation 01.011.jpg


Over the last couple of years the Viva Design Team concepts to offer more meaningful content to the world. We think that a series of videos is a great approach to reach people and educate or inspire in a positive and light way. 

Ulrike Kerber designs.png
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