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The Earth has an immune system that can autocorrect itself. So do humans and living things. Interestingly NASA has partnered with medical researchers, discovering that our human immune system is inherently tied to the Earth’s.


When the Earth is out of balance, it can generally auto-correct, like rain falling and cooling hot land. Unfortunately humans have thwarted the Earth’s auto-correct system by polluting its air, land and water. With all three systems weakened, it can’t autocorrect like it used to. This leads to a sick Earth that in turn, compromises our human immune system.  What this means is, when the Earth is sick, we get sick. Asthma and viruses are increasing as are floods, fires and heat extremes.



NASA holds some of the answers to the big questions... People want to know and need to know!

The PROBLEM is Urgent:

Land, air and water are interconnected. And it's too abstract and complex for 

most people to understand how. ESSP holds some of the answers. With this project you have an opportunity to communicate the stories in a new way that engages audiences.



Science is complex. Telling the stories with narrated videos and animated smart infographics makes it easier to absorb. Short videos are easy to learn, snack and share.



Produce visual, interconnected, animated stories for our stakeholders, our audience.



Valuable data gets heard; the information helps leaders make better and more timely decisions. Increases science funding and recruitment.

Encourages industry innovation and cleaner energy sources that support Earth

Increases our awareness and our appreciation for daily value of life on Earth.



Science needs accessibility for 1. Those without PhD’s. 2. Industry 3. Law makers. 


Time is now! The attention is on the environment.




 Goal is to create 1-3 min long videos, that


· tell strong stories about how interconnected events in the environment are (butterfly effect)


· keep the focus on an unexpected surprising interconnection, a fact that is not widely known, a story that hasn't been told before!


· create an animated video in AfterEffects


· use Nasa's ESSP science data from their website and indicate your sources, links in your documentation


· stories that clearly communicate in word / visual to a non-scientific audience!


· in English (with possibly other languages subtitles)


· formatted for social media in horizontal (1920 x 1080), square (1080 x 1080)

  vertical (1080 x 1920)


· non-sensational, political or emotional = not opinionated


· with narration and background music/rhythm/beat



1.  In Western Africa Farmers sometimes burn their fields after a crop, because it’s faster and cheaper. The wind pulls smoke and carbon monoxide from the farm fires creating bad aerosols that get swept across the Atlantic on heavy summer clouds that fly west. The clouds gather strength across the big North American land mass most often swirling past the Mississippi and stopping over Kansas in summer cyclones. These cyclones wreck havoc flooding rivers and carrying away nutrient rich soils useful for farming.  This depletes our food supply for humans/ animals.

2. These heavy summer storms twist and shoot low cool air up into the sky twice the height that planes fly, piercing the stratosphere and carrying with it carbon monoxide and dioxide that further erodes the ozone layer. An eroded ozone layer creates hotter sun that melts ice in the polar caps mixing it with the salty brine of sea water resulting in rising warmer oceans with less plankton.

3. Flood water cant't get swallowed or maintained by un-forested land, so it washes out, leaving plants and trees hot and thirsty.  Trees get even hotter, just like humans when they are thirsty.  In fact they get so hot they can start fires themselves.  The fires start the process all over again, only warmer oceans are now melting glaciers too. Warmer oceans are resulting in fewer plankton. Fewer plankton results in starved fish. Less fish means less food for humans and animals. Less food means more chemicals trying to make food faster. More chemicals means more chemicals run off into the land we grow on, the air we breathe and the water we drink. That makes Earth sicker. And so on….  



At the Berlin International University we worked on the ESSP topic, to create videos that would shine line light on environmental issues. Students were encourage to make these videos their own and not just apply the typical explainer video narration style. The project included Identity design, branding, apps, exhibits, websites, workshops, perch, videos and more. 44 students worked in 9 groups.


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Inspiring and educating the future generation for the possibility of space travel! We want to bring awareness to the experience of astronauts and create interest. Diminish unnecessary fear of space and show the beauty of the whole experience.

student example Cosmic3.jpg

ITeam Members: Sam, Daniela, Laura, Sarah


A videogame that raises awareness to factors that contribute to the endangerment of species. It targets young kids and parents


Team Members: Kate, Malin, Chino, Katharina, Lea


A videogame that raises awareness to factors that contribute to the endangerment of species. It targets young kids and parents

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ITeam Members: Signe, Augustin, Arina, Marco, Fie

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