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For Individuals or Teams

Individual Workshops

Design with AI:

  • new products

  • new services

  • fashion

  • websites

  • logos

  • ads, banners

  • posters

  • prototypes

  • presentations

Recent technological improvements with Large Language Models have revolutionized industries within the last year. These easy-to-use, affordable tools bring your creativity and productivity to the next level.


Join us for exciting online events where we explore the world of AI text-to-image technology. Discover how you can generate impressive images and videos from text prompts in a few seconds, saving time and money.

We use these tools for ideation, prototyping, iterations, testing. In combination, digital, analog, and AI tools are a powerful toolbox for any designer!

Enhance your creativity and be XXX times more productive with AI tools.

Goal: Get inspired, expand your knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the future of AI-driven visual content creation! You will learn: ​​ · What is AI, what is generative AI, and what is general AI? · What industries use generative AI and how? · Pros and Cons · Experience of text-to-image tools ​​​ Who is this for: Workshops hold significance for a broad group of creatives: beginners with little or no AI experience. producers, graphic designers, motion designers, architects, filmmakers, and anyone (who does not consider themselves creative) who wants to create something awesome quickly. Why do you care: You want to be part of the discussion, know the tools, and supercharge your creativity. Take-away: You’ll be equipped with a better understanding of the creative industries, ways of working, valuable and tested AI tools, practical experimentation, hands-on experience, and plenty of creative inspiration. You will receive a list of further resources, great tools, tips, and the recording of the workshop. Tools: We will work with the platform Miro, please sign up for free beforehand. For AI, you can register with StableDiffusion (free), or Dall-E2(free), or Midjourney is $10/per month ​ Workshop Schedule/Agenda: ​Check-in - 5 min Intro to the the theme (lecture style) - 15 min ​Experiment with the tools (hands-on) - 25 min Discussion and reflection: AI ethics, Q&A - 15 min Please make sure you join on time; participants will not be admitted after the starting time.


Six learning lunches designed
to enhance the creativity of your Team

Invest 1.5 hours six times to accelerate your team's productivity

In this series, you book six online sessions led by Viva Design (per request on location). Typically these are facilitated once/week over the course of six weeks.

You will be introduced to AI tools and new workflows. If you are familiar with generative AI, your knowledge will deepen, and your productivity will increase.

Customized Workshops to fit your Team

In this series, you book six online sessions led by Viva Design (per request on location). Typically these are facilitated once/week over the course of six weeks. Here are a few examples:

Workshop 1

Intro to Ideation with AI Tools. An overview of Tools, technologies and workflows.

Workshop 2 

Logo Design and Branding.

Using AI tools to create complete branding packages in the time it needs to eat a sandwich

Workshop 3

Typography and Logo Design.

It has been notoriously hard to create type with AI Tools, but there are tricks to achieve results. How can we max out AI to create type, logos, find font pairings for websites?

You will be introduced to AI tools and new workflows. If you are already familiar with generative AI, your team's creative Intelligence, ideation and productivity will go through the roolf.  

Workshop 4

Creating Talking Head Videos.

Let's create and animate an avatar, a portrait, and let it speak in the voice of a celebrity, AI voice, or your own; see the student sample below.​


​Workshop 5

Prompting fashion iconic images.

Mona Lisa on Project Runway, designing fashion and seamless patterns

Workshop 6

Creating Manga, Cartoon, and Illustrations styles​

Workshops along with our tailored trainings, are perfect for company-specific events. If you're interested in exploring how we can bring this innovation to your team or event, get in touch.

What you missed: Previous Workshops

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About Ulrike Kerber 

ulrike kerber photo by Chelsea copy.jpg

With over 25 years of experience as a designer, creative director, and teacher in the media industry in Los Angeles, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to design, consulting, teaching and mentoring. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with renowned brands such as Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment TV and BET (Black Entertainment Television). My designs are recognized with prestigious awards, including an Emmy nomination and Promax awards.


I hold an MA in Communication Design and finished my Digital Management (MA) studies at Hyper Island University in 2023. My research explores the intersection of creativity and Artificial Intelligence. I conduct workshops, leveraging my expertise in Design Thinking, Speculative Design, Motion Design, and experimental storytelling. I lead scientific research in the AI field, and my ebook, “ The AI Handbook for Designers,” is scheduled to be published in April 2024.


My recent appointment as an Industry Leader and board member at Hyper Island underscores my commitment to this evolving field. I teach Short Film/ Motion Design at the Berlin International University (BA program) and Design Management at the HMKW Berlin (MA Program) with classes in Design Thinking and Human-centered Design. I also worked as a professor for Visual Communications at SCAD, a top-ranking design school in the USA.

AI Workshop Example at Hyper Island:



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