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"Power Women"

2-4 minutes, narrated, 12 animated videos - unknown facts about powerful women

The goal is to shine light on women, that have not been given deserved attention for their contribution to society, science, community building or economy. Often women have worked in the shadow of men and now is the time to uncover some of their hidden accomplishments.

As a pilot for this series, we animated the story of Madam C.J. Walker, who despite all odds became successful and one of the first self-made female millionaires in the United States!

Here is her story:

Another woman in the series is for example Hedi Lamarr, who was best known for her carrier as an actress, but who also came up with some groundbreaking discoveries and inventions.


Hedy Lamarr was a glamorous and famous film actress. She was also a brilliant inventor who co-patented the concept of "frequency-hopping" that is now the basis for the technology (spread spectrum radio systems) that makes cell phones and wireless networking systems possible?

Once named the "most beautiful woman in the world," Lamarr and her friend and well known composer George Antheil, co-patented what they dubbed a “Secret Communication System.”

There are contemporary, historical, known and unknown examples of women that find a place in our series. Historical women examples:

03. Nellie Bly, investigative journalist and world traveller

04. Marie Curie, first woman to win the Nobel Prize twice!! Many people would know her name, but not what she does!

05. Las Mariposas, Domenican- republic activists that helped overthrow a violent regime

06. Anne Therese Marquenat de Corcelles, inventor of literary salons and women rights activist

07. Empress Xi Ling Shi (800 BC): inventor of silk and first sericulturist

08. Sojourner Truth, activist and abolitionist

09. Josephine Baker: activist, resistance fighter during WWII, singer, dancer

10. Fatima Al-Fihri (800 AD), Founder of the Qaraounyine University, the first University in the world, a center for advanced learning for muslims and non-muslims, still existing today

11. Emmy Noether (1882-1935) Mathematician. Her theorem is the backbone of modern Math. She pioneered a conceptual approach to algebra that led to principles that connect algebra, topology, logic.

12. Naziq al-Abid, Syrian aristocrat-turned-activist

13. Agnodice, pioneering gynecologist around 350 BCE in Athens, maybe not a historical figure

14. Camille Claudel, French artist

15. Mae Jemison, astronaut

16. Ada Lovelace, first computer programmer

Hedi Lamarr and frequency hopping radio waves - explained

For social media animations, stories cannot be too complicated, complex, or subtle, but deep enough to reveal details that are mysterious, astonishing, amazing. It is important to display captions, as not everyone listens to audio. We prepare videos in square, vertical and horizontal for all media requirements.


Here is our Proposal for Media Platforms:


Viva Design Inc. is a motion design /branding studio specialized on design, animation, branding and short format content.

The Viva team does everything with passion and attention to detail: from script to finished production, live action video or animation.

Some of our clients are: Non-profits: Legacy Works, Entertainment companies: Showtime Family Zone, E!, Sprout TV, International News DW, Participant Media. We have a proven track record in the industry to create and produce efficiently and in a timely manner award-winning work.

Viva Design’s mission:

Our mission is to inspire, enlighten, educate and entertain via beautifully produced media.

Viva Design’s original content projects:

The goal of “Power Women!” is to shine light on women, that have not been given deserved attention for their amazing contributions to society, science, community building and the economy. Many of them have worked in the shadow of men. Now is the time to uncover and celebrate their great accomplishments.

Our first video is the story of C.J.Walker, who despite all odds became successful. In a time of racism and segregation, she became one of the first female self-made millionaire in the US. She is an icon for resilience, hope, having grit and self-drive. “I got myself a start by giving myself a start”.

Other Viva Design Media Content Projects are:

“Ool-ree-kah Moments”: creativity tools and techniques to unleash your productive power and free yourself from self-judgements

“The Feels”: a series about feelings that do not have an English word (about cultures and languages)

“Hello World”: a video series and other media for kids to learn about other cultures, cities, countries by connecting them with peers.



After a powerful #metoo movement in 2017, doors opened up for women and many opportunities presented themselves to speak up and talk about inequality… a sleeping giant was awakened.

Since then, curiosity about powerful women has peaked. Many women in history up until today have worked in the shadows of men, and have succeeded despite difficult circumstances and little or no public acknowledgment. We feel the time is right to tell these amazing stories. They give inspiration and hope to all, especially to an audience of young women, who might not recognize many of these names:

Nellie Bly, Marie Curie, Las Mariposas, Anne Therese Marquenat de Corcelles, Empress Xi Ling Shi, Sojourner Truth, Josephine Baker, Fatima Al-Fihri, Emmy Noether, Naziq al-Abid, Camille Claudel, Mae Jemison, Ada Lovelace, Coco Chanel, Maya Angelou and many more ( we will choose 12 women from our list)

For more information on these women:

Since #metoo, there are new illustrated books published on this topic. Unfortunately, people don’t visit bookstores much anymore. In fact, all major bookstores closed their doors in smaller towns! Our main audience spends time on social media channels and that is where we are presenting these stories in the form of beautiful designed videos…communicating in a voice, pace, style and format that is attractive and easily digested.

For social media, stories cannot be too complicated, complex, or subtle, but they need to be deep enough to reveal details that are mysterious, astonishing, and amazing. We display captions, as not everyone listens to audio. Videos will be prepared in square, vertical and horizontal formats for all different media platform requirements.


In the summer of 2018, we proposed the “Power Women!” series to various channels with primary female audiences. SoulPancake (owned by Participant Media) became interested in publishing it. Viva Design created the pilot “C.J. Walker” and it “aired” on “SoulPancake Presents” on January 9th 2019 and has received over 77 K views, 770 community comments and 902 shares in only 4 days.

We were encouraged by these results, would like to continue the series and enlarge our shared audience. We want to reach even more people with the rest of the series recognizing Visionary Women.

We are looking for a partner to finance the production. The partner will use the series for their own Social Media Outreach . Each video requires the same mix of production skills, specifically: illustrations, research of story and historical photos/videos, script, animation, Voiceover, editing and creative direction.


To produce 12 x 2-4 minute long animated videos that shine light on women, that have not been given deserved attention for their contribution to society, science, community building and business. to share the videos widely on social media channels, educational platforms, film festivals, conferences and schools


Viva Design will establish various communication channels and outreach (apart from Soulpancake):

Youtube channel “Power Women”



email marketing newsletters

Youth outreach: Girl’s Inc, YouthInteractive, IDtech, YouTube kids, schools: MUS elementary, SBMS Middle-school,

Vada program at the SB High-school

Santa BarbaraLesson Planet inc, an educational library, will incorporate the video series into their library. They are a membership based platform for teachers to access educational materials nationwide.

We will connect the videos with other education and learning centers, such as Khan academy, a learning channel that provides free educational videos worldwide.


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