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Meanwhile on Planet Earth

12 x 2 minute video series ( photos, videos and animated graphics) for social media

Environmental news of doom and gloom can leave one depressed and feeling helpless. “Meanwhile on Planet Earth” will take a different approach to educate, inspire, and activate audiences of all ages, but particularly teenagers and young adults.

With a positive attitude, we tell the stories where people's preservation efforts have worked and nature re-bounced.

Told through the voice of a visiting alien, sent here to gather ideas for how to save her own planet, we will talk about smart solutions and exciting ideas, and share tips to make positive change.

For example the California's channel islands are a good example, where sea life came back after fishing laws were established around 10 years ago. According to the director of the fishery department in SB " The channel between Santa Barbara's coast and Channel islands is host to a lot of sea life, so much that the world population's need for protein could be met".

Buying and eating fish that was fished sustainably and locally, helps thethe fish population worldwide.


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