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"The Feels"

12 x 1 minute animated videos, HD 1920 x 1080

This animated series is created for Soulpancake. Each video describes a feeling that does not have an English word for it (but another language has). For example: "Did you ever have the feeling that the food is so good you cannot stop eating?" There is a Georgian word for "I accidentally ate the whole thing": "Shemomechama".

We are working with Soulpancake in Los Angeles whose positive mission is right up my alley: "We make stuff that makes you think, laugh, and cry. 

Other "Feels" are:

2. "Hiraeth", a welsh word for a kind of homesickness:

3. Mamilhlapinatapai : a look shared by 2 parties both wanting the same thing...but hoping the other will take action first.

3. "Torschlusspanik", a German word for the uneasy feeling that it might be too late:

4. Shemomchama, a georgian word for " i accidentally ate the whole thing":

5. Greng Jai, a Thai word for an embarrassing feeling, not wanting to impose and being considerate

06. Fjaka, a Croatian word for feeling completely relaxed, happy lazy.


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