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"Hello World", edutainment for kids 7-12

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

12 x 4 minute mixed media videos with live action and animations, website and apps.

This is more than just a video series for kids ... we have created the set-up for website, apps, , interviews and more ... all about cities, countries and cultures.

Learning about other cultures today more important than ever. The world has become so complex that many are overwhelmed and feel insecure. People worry about migration, political and religious minorities and anything that is different.

Fear fosters intolerance ...and that can result in bullying, violence or just hurtful remarks in schools that are brought home. We think that a deeper understanding, a feeling of connection and more inter-cultural communication skills are needed.

And we feel this kind of learning needs to start early, in playful ways and on platforms that kids love. Our videos are designed to debunk myths, surprise with unknown facts, connect kids and are fun to watch...from Mongolian yurts, Saint Patricks in Ireland, to Currywurst in Berlin, we talk about whatever has the potential to connect kids and open doors for parents.

We don't just tell linear stories but work on cool apps as well:

Games on how to quickly serve cake in a traditional Vienna coffeehouse, how to cook Korean dishes spicy, medium spicy and "mild"..., how to order Currywurst in a proper Berlin accent, the story of British pop and how to play an iconic song or building your own bento box with world foods...  

The lineup of projects keeps flowing and everybody is excited to work on it. We are now looking for a perfect channel that can serve as a "playground", learning platform and a finance partner.

We uploaded the videos on a private Youtube channel to present to possible brands/ sponsors. If you have any connections to a learning platform or know companies that could use this kind of content, please let me know!

We are open for partnerships... I love to present the work!

The 2016 completed Kickstarter campaign has a lot of information on it, please check it out for more info!

The first two episodes with kid hosts Niko and Cosima are about Mongolia and France.

Mongolia and France (Paris):

In addition we created 12x 1 minute explainer videos, see for example:

We are now looking for the right distribution platform.


Here is our Kickstarter campaign and more info on the project:

“Hello World” is a fun, informative, and interactive web series of 3-5 minute episodes for 7-12 year-olds that combines live action, animation, interviews and Skype conversations between children from diverse countries across the planet.

Why does this project matter?

Do you know any grade-school kids? Their curiosity expands from a small world close to home to a much larger world. Imagine a project that effortlessly expands the circle of knowledge beyond geographic boundaries and limits of time and space. Kids, age 7 – 12, explore and experience a place in the world that seamlessly connects with other kids. Exposure to other cultures adds to a self-awareness that delights in sameness and differences of others. It builds critical thinking to challenge racism and ethnic separation – so important in today's world. Imagine that instead of a world of division, they see a world of connection. This is our project. This is your opportunity!

This series will highlight the amazing diversity of our world and the many different cultures that co-exist. We want to surprise our audience, debunk some common myths and connect with real-life kids. The complete series will be viewable on our site with full length interviews and more in-depth info information. Furthermore we are reaching out to potential partners and sponsors in hopes of distributing the episodes on other platforms (TV, youtube, Netflix,...).

In a video conference call, kids will talk to other kids about life in another country. The focus might be on a recipe, game, rhyme, song, dance, instrument, or on how to say, "Hello, how are you doing?“ in Portuguese. Through these conversations, we learn about nomads in Mongolia, birds in Australia, capoeira moves in Brazil, how to make spring rolls in Vietnam, etc.

I've already learned a lot about Mongolia. Do you think that all kids are great horseback riders there? Well, Amina in Ulaanbataar is not riding horses… but she is a great snowboarder. Snowboarding in Mongolia... never heard about that before! 

What is the goal of the Kickstarter?

The goal of our Kickstarter campaign is to fund at least three initial pilot episodes. Our broader goal is to use the three pilots to secure interest from larger donors and organizations who want to “adopt” a country of their choice, or fund the series. Each episode will contain essential facts and unique insights about one nation.

We are currently working on Australia, Ethiopia and Mongolia. Who would like to help us with the completion of these three films?

Even better... who wants to "adopt" a country that they are interested in? Perhaps the country of your origin or of your ancestors? We will create a film about your chosen country and will connect with children abroad to get a real-life, contemporary view of their nation, as supposed to just dry research. What you read on wikipedia can sometimes be in sharp contrast to real life!

Our creative team at Viva Design has worked on award-winning TV branding for international clients and Sundance TV, Nickelodeon, Sprout, Discovery, Disney and E! Entertainment TV. Now we are ready to create our own short format content and want to fund our first three pilots with the help of Kickstarter: Australia, Ethiopia and Mongolia!

What is the format of the show?

It's a mix of live action interviews, screen captures of Skype calls and animation!

Cosima, a sassy 9-year-old girl, her curious 7-year-old brother Nikolas and their friends make contact with children in all parts of the world and ask them the important questions: “Do you go to school?" "Do you like nail polish?” "Do you play soccer?” "What is your idea to make this world a better place?" Usually they find out that their counterparts around the globe are not so different and that they have much in common!

Amina in Mongolia, for example, loves Minecraft as much as Nikolas. People live in very different environments, cultures and climates. There is much to learn about! I believe in teaching children about cultural diversity, history, geography and travel. When we learn about other people’s lives, we gain respect and compassion, which are the building blocks of peace. Knowing about cultural diversity is a valuable tool for every human being. It is knowledge that improves our lives and a topic I feel should be talked about in our schools and homes - and this series makes it fun and accessible!

How much have we already done?

We have researched Mongolia, Australia and Ethiopia and interviewed kids in Mongolia, Australia and Cambodia. Mongolia is almost finished! We will integrate more graphics and the interview.

What are the pilots about?

Mongolia's focus is on nomads and modern lifestyle. "Australia" will be about interesting endemic animals. "Ethiopia" will be special for my family! My daughter, Cosi, was born in Ethiopia. We adopted her when she was 4 months old. Today, she is a 9-year-old, thriving girl with too many talents! She is hosting this show and will "meet" another 9 year old girl in Ethiopia to interview her about her life. It will be a day in the life of... or a walk in the shoes of someone like Cosi in Ethiopia.

Why are we making this series?

In the United States, not many kids get a chance to learn about other countries and cultures. With “We Are the World: from Australia to Zambia", we will expose kids (and adults!) to different cultures. This series is a call for greater tolerance and compassion.

What will the donations do?

Donations will help to fund writer/researchers, animators, videographers, editors, voiceover talent and a theme composer, as well as cover our other production costs (microphone, lights, etc.).

Who Are We?

I am the creative director/animator at Viva Design. My team and I specialize in designing/animating for television and we are passionate about animation! Please check out our work on this website.

We also created a preschool iPad app Viva Kids'ABC with a lot of stop-motion animations, that has received many positive reviews. We teach creative workshops in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and run summer camps and teens-at-Risk programs. We simply love stop-motion animations; for a sample, please watch our stop-motion demo reel!

How did you get the idea to make this show?

The idea for this project developed out of my passion for traveling, my curiosity about other countries, and the discrepancy that there is so much to learn from others, but so few lessons on cultural diversity are taught in school. In order to gain a better understanding and compassion for each other we need to learn about each other and connect! My kids are lucky to have been able to travel with us to many places, but not everyone has this opportunity.

Who is on your team?

I am proud that Grant Moran, 2015 Emmy winner for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Series, will be advising us and overseeing the writing of the shows!

I have worked in the television industry for over 20 years and have good connections to animators, that will help to bring this series to life!

I am also happy about all the support we receive from: Bryan Snyder (outdoor/travel writer), Rachel Sarah Thurston (travel writer), Gaby Goldberg (animator), Pia Dorer (director at Orange Identity in Australia/USA), Chelsea Lawler (photographer), Nik Blaskovicj (videographer) and the many friends that connect me to interesting people all over the planet! Thank you!!!


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