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We offer several books, videos & articles on the topic of AI and AI ethics.

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Maximize the Creativity and Productivity of your Team

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We offer monthly community workshops & an AI Ethics Salon

Custom AI Trainings for Creatives & Leaders

Maximize your Creativity & Innovation with AI Tools & Future-Proof Yourself!

This is your opportunity to drive change and unlock new possibilities for your business with our programs and researched knowledge!

Why are we offering AI Trainings?

Ever wonder how AI is changing the way we work? Do you feel professional pressure to use it but don’t know where to start? Are you feeling anxious about how AI is shaking up the creative communities and taking work away from creators?


You may have seen some interesting AI-generated images, and now you feel curious about how to achieve successful results with AI tools.

AI changes the future of design, ideation, prototyping and Innovation.


To survive in this new AI landscape, you need

1. to know AI Tools

2. how to work with them in new workflows and innovate in an agile workflow faster and more productively than ever before

3. how to efficiently ideate, prototype and come up with brilliant solutions

This is for you, because...

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This Practical Handbook for Designers is useful as a guide to utizing the power of the best AI tools. It is based on literature reviews, interviews with experts, observations and AI Tool comparisons - backed-up by  research. The Tools were tested with hundreds of workshop participants. The result is the best book on AI Tools on the market.

Simply the Best AI Tools


1 Day Creative Sprint

This intensive AI-powered workshop empowers you to craft compelling pitches, proposals, and presentations in a day.

Learn by doing in an agile workflow with interactive exercises, AI feedback tools, and dynamic group work. Gain a clear understanding of effective pitching and acquire practical tools to leverage AI for faster preparation.

Leave with:

  • Amazing AI Visuals

  • Videos, audio and Images

  • Clear pitching skills

  • AI-powered strategies

  • Tangible results

Enroll today and unleash your creative power!

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Fun & Effective Team Trainings


Do you want to learn how to get most of your design work done faster and better? Do you want to learn how to make Talking head videos?

We offer monthly Online Community Workshops, each featuring one AI tool or AI workflow. These workshops are facilitated by Ulrike Kerber and Viva Design Staff. 

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Facilitator: Ulrike Kerber

One Day Creative Sprint - Accelerate your Innovation 

This AI training is ideal for a team of up to 10 participants.

Boost your ideation, prototyping and design process - Visuals, Animations, Videos, and Branding with AI

In today's rapidly evolving world, the power of AI is revolutionizing the way we create and enhance visuals, animations, videos, and branding packages. However, keeping up with the constant influx of new AI tools can be challenging, making it difficult to become proficient or stay ahead of the curve. That's why our workshop offers a comprehensive and accessible step-by-step approach tailored for your team.

For this workshop, our team diligently researches and handpicks the best AI tools available. Through engaging, hands-on exercises, participants will not only learn the theoretical foundations of AI in visual design, but they will also gain practical experience by reproducing these processes themselves. By the end of the workshop, attendees will possess the necessary skills to utilize these cutting-edge AI tools, amplifying the effectiveness of their work exponentially.

To ensure the workshop is perfectly tailored to your needs, we kindly request the following information:

Description of Your Company:

Provide an overview of your company. Understanding your company's identity will enable us to align the workshop content with your specific branding requirements. Specify the range of services or products your company offers. This knowledge will assist us in identifying the most relevant AI applications that can enhance your offerings and drive innovation.

Learning Goals:

Outline your primary objectives for attending the workshop. Whether you seek to improve specific design skills, optimize workflow efficiency, or explore novel AI techniques, please be as specific as possible. This will allow us to design a curriculum that directly addresses your learning goals.

Workshop Expectations:

Describe your expectations for the workshop, including any specific challenges or pain points you hope to overcome. 

Additionally, please communicate any preferences you have regarding workshop intensity, or specific topics of interest. The more specific and comprehensive your expectations, the more effectively we can tailor the workshop to exceed them.

As a takeaway you will receive a recording of the session, as well as a list of selected, tested tools.


Please send this information to: Should you have any further questions or require additional clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Six Weeks - Learn the most Effective Creative AI Tools

Become a Pro - one workshop/week for six weeks

Boost your ideation, prototyping and design process with Visuals, Animations, Videos, and Branding with AI

with 6 workshops that fit into your workday as learning lunches.


What  methodologies were used for this program? The methods and tools were built and tested at several leading MBA programs (Hyper Island University, HMKW, Berlin International University and SCAD) and further teachings with over 500 students in our online programs. How much time will this program require? We offer a one-day program and a 6 Sessions program (1 session/week over the course of 6 weeks).  ​ What AI tools are used? Each company has a different problem statement, and pain point. Our program is customized to solve the challenges uniquely to your company/team. Please answer some of the questions above and we will get back to your with specifics. ​ What is the cost of the workshop? Are there any early-bird discounts or scholarships available? We will custom-design the workshops, and the cost depends on the requirements and team size. Please email your request: ​ What payment methods are accepted? You can pay with bank transfer, PayPal or Venmo before the workshop/session date. FUnds need to be received 10 days before the workshop date. ​ Will I receive a certificate? Each member of your team will receive a certificate upon completion of the 6 weeks training session. The One Day workshop does not offer certificates. ​

What is the format of the workshop? Will it be live, pre-recorded, self-paced, or a combination? The training sessions can be done on location or over Zoom/ Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. ​ ​​ What are the time zone considerations? Will recordings be available if attending live is not possible? The live session times are in Central European Time. Online sessions will be recorded and will be available afterwards. ​​ What specific topics will be covered in the workshop?  a detailed agenda or syllabus will be provided after registration What is the skill level required for this workshop? Is it suitable for beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners? Since this is a customized training program the facilitation will be adapted to the skill level of the participants. ​ ​ Will there be any assignments or projects? How much time will they typically require? The six-week program requires homework to be completed in between the weekly sessions. The One Day workshop requires teamwork to be completed and includes a final presentation.


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