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AI - Salon 2024

Available Online

Discussion about generative AI Tools and Ethics

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

“How can AI improve our lives?” Since AI exploded in 2022, tools released almost daily, and many industries including design, are changing profoundly and rapidly. This transformation is exciting, but also overwhelming. In the midst of widespread misinformation, uncertainty, and fear about AI, we offer a public AI salon. This event will provide an open platform for discussing ethical concerns, clarifying issues, and exchanging ideas about practical AI tools. Our aim is to distinguish facts from fiction, share knowledge, experience, and connect with the community. We invite AI experts, lawyers, and policy makers to the forum as a way to keep information current and relevant. AI salon Topics will be: 1. Job security: Who will be affected by automation, when, and how to future-proof yourself. 2. Fake News, Scams: Protection from scams, how to detect fake news, etc The real dangers of AI. 3. Sustainability: How sustainable are AI platforms? Ai’s impact on the environment. 4. Copyright: How to ensure that your AI-art work is protected. How to protect your original art from being drawn by MidJourney. 5. Gender, Age, Race Bias in Algorithms. How do we mitigate these problems since they will amplify existing bias exponentially?  6. How does responsible AI look like? What do programmers need to consider, and what does the user need to consider? Are there guidelines, handbooks, regulations? Our schedule for the AI salons 2024 are: AI salon 2024: February 22: Bias in Algorythms March 21: Manipulation on a grand scale - Scams & Fake News in the age of AI April 25: Controlling AI - Fears, confusions, misconceptions about General AI May 23: Everything that Artists need to know about AI June 20: Privacy concerns, security In times of AI, information evolves rapidly, making it challenging to maintain expertise. However, by concentrating on certain key aspects, we can understand how to leverage this technology for our benefit, safeguard ourselves against scams and fake news, and address copyright concerns. Our AI discussions aim to provide clarity amidst the deluge of information. In a single brief session, you'll gain a curated overview of these issues and have the opportunity to raise questions. Additionally, the AI salons offer the unique advantage of connecting with others who share your interests. Connection is important, especially in times like this. We look forward to your participation!

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